Classless and Opportunistic display by Wolf at White House Correspondents Dinner


Michelle Wolf, who not so coincidentally has a new YouTube show premiering in a matter of weeks, launched a scorched earth attack against Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and all things pure and decent Saturday night at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

It was a sickening, cringe inducing display as Wolf went from 1st to 5th gear with her rapid fire attack on Huckabee-Sanders. It was opportunistic bullying on the White House Press Secretary who took it all in classy stride.

President Trump did not attend the WHCD as he was speaking at a rally in Michigan at the same time:

Bullying is apparently OK if it’s carried out against prominent members of the right who are threats to the left’s stranglehold on certain demographics of voters.

We saw the attacks against Kanye West and Shania Twain last week and in many ways, Saturday’s display was more of the same. If you are Female or Black and have the audacity to be an ideological conservative, you will be subject to unwarranted criticism.

What did you think of Michelle Wolf’s display? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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