4/20 Should Be Day of Remembrance, NOT Exploitation

The planned national student walkout is perhaps the worst example of political opportunism and shamelessness in recent American history.

David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and their deep pocketed enablers have recently been met with push-back from the members of another community that suffered a horrific mass school shooting at Columbine High School 19 years ago this week.

Columbine High School Principal Scott Christy and former Principal Frank DeAngelis recently penned a letter expressing their desire on behalf of the school, that Friday’s anniversary would be about honoring the victims instead of the wide spread national protest that up to that point had been continuing to gain steam.

The letter was enough to force anti-Gun poster boy David Hogg to have intially tweeted, “I’m sorry for my miscommunication yesterday I said that we should all walk out of wherever you are on 4/20 that was a mistake on my end and is no longer the case,” Hogg added, “This is what the Columbine community would like to see on 4/20. #DayOfService.”

Many students at Columbine refused to take part in the first National School Walkout held weeks ago.

In what seemed to be a reversal of his reversal Hogg would later tweet:

“We are still walking out however the Columbine community will be committing 4/20 to volunteering. Once again we are still walking out. We are still walking out. We are still walking out. We are still walking out @schoolwalkoutUS has been working incredibly hard on this,”

It seems that the wishes of the anti-2nd amendment lobby will continue to be tone deaf in disrespecting the wishes of a school that was devastated in a tragedy that made the small unincorporated section of Jefferson County, Colorado the focus of the Nation for a period in the last Century.


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