‘Disgraced, Disgruntled, Discredited’ Lyin’ Comey


As the Jimmy Comey “Book Tour” kicked into full swing, the Whitehouse began to mount a defense for the slanderous claims being put forth by the former Director of the FBI in his new book.

“James Comey is a disgraced, disgruntled, discredited individual, fired from the FBI for lying and leaking to completely go against everything he was put in power to do,” Whitehouse Rep Hogan Gidley said on Fox News.

The Tour Kicked off in a major way with 5 hours worth of interviews with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos being condensed into a hour of unedited Trump Hate Porn for liberals to rejoice in. Comey channeled his musings into one of the more anticipated books of the year and a complicit anti-Trump media is giving him a loud megaphone.

“And only in Washington, D.C., could a proven, admitted liar and leaker be paraded around town as though he were the paragon of virtue. It’s quite frankly disgusting.”
-Hogan Gidley

Jimmy Comey, Michael Wolfe, and others opinions are having little to no effect on Trump’s approval ratings as he currently sits at 51% approval.

Haters gonna Hate…

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