Systematic Bullying From the Left has Created a 2-Front War


The radical Left is set to make a big push towards their goal of major gun restrictions in the next few weeks as a massive national student walkout is being planned for April 20th. This manufactured hysteria, behind the pleadings of 2 bullies, has now crossed a line as an insidious new attack against the 1st amendment and has created a 2-front war for natural rights advocates.

Recently, the Twitter exchange between David Hogg, the Parkland student and primary face of this opportunistic gun control campaign and Fox News host Laura Ingraham, ignited an unwarranted backlash from network advertisers against Ingraham–who Hogg accused of bullying.

Bullying, the same act that many blame for sending Parkland shooter Cruz over the edge and the same act that Parkland poster girl Emma Gonzalez admitted to directly participating in against Cruz when she took the microphone in Washington DC at the anti-gun, anti-Trump, anti-NRA, anti-Republican, #MarchforOurLives rally. “Since he was in middle school, it was no surprise to anyone who knew him, that he was the shooter. Those talking about how we should have not ostracized him? You didn’t know this kid! OK? We did!”

Another classmate of Cruz’s, Marolo Alvarez, told reporters at a candlelight vigil for the victims that he participated in the bullying, while expressing his regret for not notifying authorities of the possible threat posed by Cruz. “I could have said something to administrators, that ‘hey this kid gets bullied a lot, please help him, please reach out to him.’ I kind of regret not doing that,” Alvarez said.

In what is perhaps the most despicable example of blame shifting in recent American history, Laura Ingraham, Donald Trump and the NRA became responsible for the insensitive and repeated, demoralizing treatment by “popular” kids like Emma Gonzalez to the continuously reported, obviously troubled, and mentally deranged Cruz.

This progressive attack against dissenting voices is not limited to members of the media. Indignities ranging from exclusion to physical assault have recently been reported by high schoolers who refused to “follow the crowd.” At Connecticut’s Farmington High School, 17-year-old Ashley Dummitt was prevented from giving her conservative, pro-Second Amendment views.

Another high schooler at Long Island, NY’s Middleburgh Junior/Senior High School was physically attacked, for standing up for the Second Amendment when his school participated in the recently held, nationwide high school walkout on March 14th.

According to Christian’s father Brian Breault, “Christian engaged in a conversation with other students who felt the assembly was not handled well. Christian expressed he felt the Anti-NRA video was over the top and he found it offensive. Another student not involved in the conversation threatened him for his view on the video going as far as telling the school nurse that he would punch Christian in the face if he didn’t stop defending the NRA.”

Later that day, Christian was attacked by the other student while he was leaving class. Christian was struck twice in the side of the head before defending himself.

The far Left’s attack against free speech has now gone beyond the ballot and soap box. They now seek to hurt those who would dare disagree with them–both physically and financially, even though the Parkland Shooting was a collaborative failure by local and federal law enforcement and a few high school bullies who have now been given national bully pulpits for their progressive activism.

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