Shock Video: ‘Punk Ass’ Cuomo Attacked


Madness erupted at an press conference being held by NY Governor Andrew Cuomo in Albany on Wednesday as one of the Governor’s unsatisfied constituents started cursing and even took a swing at him before being taken away by State Police.

The yet to be identified woman walked out of the state police station at the Capitol as Cuomo spoke about the arrest of a Daily News reporter who was caught using his cellphone in violation of posted rules.

“Did you know this office doesn’t want to submit a complaint of a sexual harassment I had here? NDA? And they went, they took out a rifle on me Friday, here?” she screamed on the soon to be viral video.

The woman, who apparently is a Yankees fan as evidenced by her choice of jacket, then started yelling at a bemused Cuomo who stopped talking and glanced at her as she continued her verbal tirade.

“Yeah, you’re not doing nothing here, you punk ass! You’re not doing a motherf–king s–t either! I got proof!” she screamed.

Cuomo shifted focus back to the reporters as the chaos continued behind him. “There’s corruption going on here! They’re stealing money! I got the proof right here!” she continued.

Several troopers took control of the situation, but not before she swung a fistful of papers at Cuomo as she was dragged into the station.


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