Trump Quotes Liberal in Attacking Mueller Probe


Another day, another well earned criticism of the Mueller Probe by President Donald Trump via twitter, as he slammed special counsel Robert Mueller again early Wednesday.

Trump quoted an interview featuring Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz that backs up his claims that there should never have been a special counsel appointed in the first place.

Trump’s comments are referring to a Tuesday interview of the law professor on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

“There never should have been an appointment of special counsel and there was no probable cause that crimes were committed,” Dershowitz told Fox.

“I’ve seen no credible evidence that crimes were committed by the president. As I said from day one, there should have been a special investigative commission, non-partisan with subpoena power to do something about preventing meddling in elections in the future, instead of going behind the closed doors of a grand jury.”

While the expense to the taxpayer for this fruitless endeavor surpasses the ten’s of millions, the question of it’s necessity and effectiveness has been brought into question. Around a year later, a straight line to the President is yet to be drawn.

How long with the “Witch Hunt” continue?


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  1. We ought not look to liberal Jews to play moral arbiter for us.


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