Iran Nuclear Deal Should R’Exit’ Next


Rex Tillerson, like many early appointments in the Trump Administration can no longer call the President their boss. After months of speculation that Tillerson and his strategic disagreements with the President would lead to either his resignation or dismissal, he was dismissed and CIA Director Mike Pompeo was nominated to replace him this week.

Among the many issues Trump and Tillerson differed on was the Iran Nuclear Deal put together by the Obama Administration. “When you look at the Iran deal, I think it’s terrible,” Trump said Tuesday. “I guess he thought it was OK.”

The Obama/Clinton/Kerry deal was generally regarded as a disaster that would accelerate Iran’s ability to create nuclear weapons, and potentially attack Israel or the United States.

Pompeo is thought to be against the re-certification of the deal. Many have speculated that it may have been a major reason for Trump to nominate him for the Secretary of State position. Among the cabinet members, Pompeo argued against certifying Iranian compliance with the nuclear deal. Conversely, Tillerson made the case for not rocking the boat.

The North Korean situation should be used as a guide in this matter. An acceleration towards nuclear capability for Iran would only further threaten not only the middle eastern neighbors of Iran, but the rest of the world.

Pompeo is expected to eventually be confirmed without incident.



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