Trump Goes to California


Donald Trump took a long time to make his way to the Sunshine State. Could you really blame him?

The President was expected to be met with legions of protesters but several reports indicate that the response with mixed, with some pro-Trump Californians in attendance in addition to anti-Trump Community and Latino groups in the San Diego area and Tijuana. Police kept demonstrators near the wall prototypes in a “free speech zone” and restricted potential weapons including glass containers, knives and guns.

The visit comes on the heels of US Attorney General Jeff Sessions drawing his line in the sand on Sanctuary cities and the enforcement of immigration laws in America last week.

The President was elected in part to build this wall. The role of the Attorney General is to see that the laws of the United States, including immigration laws, are faithfully adhered to. The events of the past week may be a sign that those matters are finally being addressed by our Government.

How many years of prison time would you recommend for California Governor Jerry Brown? Share your opinion in the comments section below.




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