Oscar Ratings Tank Proves Ingraham and Trump were RIGHT!


Most Americans are hard working and humble individuals. Many of them still embrace the escapism provided by motion pictures and sports and all the other comforting distractions provided by our modern, entertainment-on-demand society.

Movie and TV celebrities have always had a voice in shaping popular opinion on political issues no matter how out of touch they may be with the matters that most affect average Americans.

Recently, a rejection of this “voice of elitism” has developed, in part due to the rise of a major voice for the disenfranchised average American, President Donald Trump. As celebrities have jumped on the anti-Trump bandwagon, ticket and album sales have seen a slump for some of the most prominent voices associated with Trumphate.

This past Sunday’s Academy Awards show ratings tank further provides evidence of this rejection of the Hollywood status quo. A 20% dip in viewership from just last year is indicative of a change in the perception of tone deal celebrities that have been expending a massive amount of energy attacking the one big star that has been championing that cause of the “everyman.”

The fact that stars are fading out fast has not been lost on President Trump, who tweeted (of course) a very tongue in cheek response to the news regarding the Oscar ratings tank.

This validates the position taken recently by Laura Ingraham. She infamously instructed Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James to, “Shut up and dribble,” in response to his claiming that the president, “doesn’t give a f— about the people.”

Despite Oscar award winner Kobe Bryant coming to the defense of Lebron James, the 6 million less viewers of the awards show speaks volumes as the Americans that are seeing hundreds of dollars more monthly in their paychecks have spoken loudly and clearly.

Shut up and Act. Shut up and Sing. Shut up and Rap. And yes, Shut up and Dribble!

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