Embassy Move and Rubashkin Release Headline a Great Year for Trump On Jewish Issues


By Cindy Grosz

Happy Anniversary President Trump!!

Tradition states that celebrating a first anniversary one is tied to paper.  As we come to the end of your honeymoon year, we can not overlook all the paper used in notes, signed bills and yes, the media connected to how much you and your administration has done on behalf of Israel, worldwide Jewry and of course, those who elected you (and even those who don’t support you are benefiting).  Todah Rabah!

Standing With Israel

From the very beginning of your campaign pledges, you spoke about supporting Israel and rebuilding the relationship between our head of state with Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu.  You rebuilt it almost immediately.  It helped that you appointed David Friedman as our Ambassador in Israel.  Nikki Haley is such a strong American Ambassador to the United Nations that her name is already being circulated among political pundits as a front runner in 2024 for one of the top spots on the Republican Presidential ticket.

Last May, we witnessed history when you were the first sitting Commander-In-Chief to visit the Western Wall.  Why, because every other President who campaigned on moving the American  Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem never fulfilled the promise.  It took several months, but like that other great miracle of Chanukah, on December. 7, 2017, despite global opposition, you made a brief but direct speech confirming that you gave official instructions to the state department to start the process of making the move.

You started a trend.  Leaders of Guatemala announced a move and the Czech Republic is considering it. Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely confirmed at least half a dozen more are in talks with the Jewish state.

You and your representatives met not only on this trip Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Rueven Rivlin, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman and multiple Knesset leaders, strengthening our countries’ ties.

You and others have met multiple leaders of Arab states with the purpose of garnering peace in the Middle East. You hosted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during the United Nations General Assembly.  We see your attempts, while trying to remain a friend to both sides.

Iran Deal

Your opposition to the Obama Administration Iran Deal was made public even before you became a candidate coming down the Trump Tower escalator in June 2015.  You stood together with Ted Cruz at a rally in Washington, DC with Tea Party Republicans outside the U.S. Capitol in September, 2015, at the End The Iran Deal Rally.  Your mutual political goals have seem to overcome past campaign adversity to work together on ending this deal.

On October 13, 2017, at a press conference, you announced plans to weaken the Iran nuclear deal.  You called for a new strategy of working with Iran, imposing new sanctions and not certifying its renewal.  As we go to press, the ending of the deal is making headlines again.  Will you impose new sanctions?  Tear up the deal? Institute new penalties?  You were given a mess that is not easy to fix.

Freeing Sholom Rubashkin

American Jews and followers of Chabad Lubavitch internationally celebrated on December 21, 2017, when you commuted the prison sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, former executive of the largest meat packing operation in America.  Leaders from both parties supported Trump’s decision, rare.  Trump felt that Rubashkin’s conviction of bank fraud was too harsh, especially compared to other international business leaders, like Enron’s Jeff Skilling.  We danced in the streets in Boro Park, by the Rebbe’s grave by the Ohel and in shuls everywhere, despite freezing temperatures.

For American Jews, we shared his pride when publicly discussing his Jewish grandchildren light the White House Chanukah menorah and recite the blessings at the official party.  We share in the booming economy.  We share in the respect that leaders around the world are renewing.  We share in the many bills passed calling out terrorist organizations and defunding them.

There have been few mistakes, like the unintentional oversight during a Holocaust memorial.  We still need to get school choice vouchers for yeshiva students, we need to end the growing anti-Semitic attacks and we need to end the common core curiculum in our public schools and on college campuses.

Overall, despite every obstacle, President Trump, you have been great!!!  May you live until 120 and Todah Rabah!!  (Thank You Very Much)

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