Sticks and Stones: Would you prefer BLUNT TRUTH or Polite Lies


The questions still remain. Did Trump say it? Does it matter? Are the beneficiaries of the potentially manufactured backlash hypocrites?

Media outlets and celebrities have weighed in on the quote ne’er heard by anyone judgmentally weighing in.

The Reactionary Times did not cover the closed door meeting. Reactionary Times Editorial Director Julio Rivera issued the following statement regarding the “controversy.”

I used to bash President Trump pretty hard during the primary. I was a Cruz supporter. Cruz had a track record in the Senate and I have to admit, based on the results of year 1, I unfairly judged Donald Trump as I didn’t necessarily trust that he would follow through on the promises he was making. SHAME ON ME!!! During this time I would appear on television and radio and would raise questions related to policy differences between the two candidates. The mainstream media’s all out onslaught on then candidate Trump was already in full swing as his honest and accurate statements on ILLEGAL immigration had given them material to twist and pervert in creating this false narrative that he is a racist. As a Hispanic and an opponent of his at the time, it would have been easy for me to use that in my criticisms of him. I didn’t, and the reason is #DONALDTRUMPISNOTARACIST. – Julio Rivera/Facebook

Conversely, the Clinton Foundation looting the Haitian people in the wake of a natural disaster went mostly unchallenged by left leaning media sources. The racial divide initiated by the Obama Administration has had an effect of normalizing the acceptance of the idea that Trump and and all right leaning white people in power are racist when their policies are leading the historically low unemployment numbers among people of color.

None of this comes as a surprise, since Obama has a bone to pick with white America (and conservative blacks for that matter).  He seems to thrive on issues that involve real or imagined unidirectional racial animosity.  If he can mangle a scenario to force-fit that whites-are-evil-and-blacks-are-innocent-victims narrative, he’ll do so.  And if his words have negative consequences, so be it.  Perhaps even all the better. – Carol Brown/American Thinker

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Expect this to manufactured narrative to dominate the news-cycle until the liberal thought factory churns out the next one.


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