Newsmax’s Ruddy to CNN: Wolff’s Claims are ‘Trash’ and Calls Out Liberal Media

Newsmax CEO and friend of President Trump, Chris Ruddy appeared on CNN’s “New Day” program and contradicted claims from “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” author Michael Wolff regarding the President’s mental fitness to hold office.

“I was with the president in early December, and I spent an hour and a half with him in the private residence, and the conversation was terrific,” Ruddy stated. “He was not repeating things.”


The claims in the book have jump started a swarm of arm chair psychoanalysis’ by unqualified individuals regarding the President’s mental state. Ruddy stated that when he met with Trump he also was joined by a mutual friend who happens to be a respected medical doctor. “He had no belief and view that the president was mentally incompetent and unfit. This is just an absurdity and it’s really trash, actually,” Ruddy said.

Ruddy also claims he spoke regularly with the President during the holidays. “He was remembering things, he was on point, he was following up on discussions,” said Ruddy. “I brought to the golf club a well-respected New York Times reporter who had a half-hour sit-down interview with him, Michael Schmidt … but I don’t believe Michael walked out and said, ‘This man is crazy, this man is unfit.'”

The Newsmax CEO called out the liberal media as well, including CNN, for not being fair to the President. Do you feel the mainstream media has been fair to President Trump? Share your opinion in the comments section below.




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  1. Main stream media has been not only unfair to apresident Trump but brutally insane. The propaganda is horrific and im sick of it.. i love my President with all my heart.!


  2. No, the msm hates Trump and will grasp at any tiny piece of trash they can dream up to make him look as bad as possible.


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