Weissman: A Tale of 2 Feminists


Crazy week in the Middle East since President Trump has recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. His command leadership’s influence is being spread out through the world, in all places including Iran. for the past few days, there has been an uprise, a new revolution of protesting the dark Iranian terror regime for their basic human rights.

In this column, I will point out the huge differences of the role feminists in the United States, yep that’s right, the vagina hat wearing bimbos, and the Iranian women who are protesting their right to live. In Iran, the country is under full-fledged Sharia Law. Sharia law is one of the most sexist ideologies in the world today. It treats women like they are a subspecies of men, especially when it comes to being forced to wear the hijab. The women are abused in any possible way a person can imagine if they chose not to wear it, because women are treated like possessions in Iran. This was 1 of the many reasons that lead to the protests in Iran, the women are tired of the way they are being treated and they want freedom and demand respect and control over their lives from a fascist tyrannical regime and are risking their lives just to speak, let alone take off their hijab.

Now let’s talk about the feminism in America, the country that allows women to vote, to drive, to even be able to run for President. Women can choose to have a successful business career or be a stay at home wife and mom. But according to American feminists, they feel they are oppressed. A few women took charge in leading this nonsense march to protest a man who has never harmed them, who never mistreated them and who just became the 45th President of the United States. They took it open themselves to have this “protest” during his inauguration and I personally didn’t know what they were expecting or hoping what would happen, but obviously nothing did, I mean what is supposed to happen with a bunch of women and it a to be pro-choice women who wore hijabs and vagina hats? What were they expecting to accomplish? I can assure that feminist who actually made a difference years ago in America would be rolling over her grave if she saw that the modern-day feminism is only about hating men for no reason.

This sums up the tale of two feminists, 1 fighting for her life and the other fighting her justification to be able to hate men.



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