‘Pile of Garbage’ Dossier at Heart of Witchhunt


The controversial DNC funded dossier that is the basis of the still on-going Mueller investigation into possible coordination between the Trump Presidential Campaign and the Russian Government was blasted by the President in a Tweet sent out on Tuesday.

Republicans in Congress are currently investigating how heavily the Mueller investigation has relied on the dossier and whether they used it to justify a surveillance warrant against former Trump adviser Carter Page. A former British spy Christopher Steele produced the document, after being hired by the controversial Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS is an opposition research firm that got funding from both the Hillary Clinton Presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

In a closed-door session with the House Intelligence Committee last week, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe stood by the document’s credibility according to Fox News, but when pressed to identify what information included in the dossier the bureau had corroborated, McCabe cited only the fact that Page had traveled to Moscow.

It seems that this yet unsubstantiated witchhunt will continue into the new year regardless of any solid evidence that merits the exercise.

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  1. Pete Ortiz says:

    The entire investigation is bogus.


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