US Army Veteran’s plea, requesting to meet with VP Pence in Israel.


Vice President Pence,

First off as an American Israeli citizen I welcome you to the Holy Land. It has been a tremendous year already since Donald Trump was elected as President. I can see here how much work both of you are doing to make America great again. 1 of key points is how President Trump is continuing to fulfill his promises unlike any President before him including to the Jewish people in America, and in America’s ally and friend, Israel.

While I know you will be busy during your visit and talk on key issues, there are a few concerns I have, that I do not believe are being addressed enough, which is why I am requesting meet with you. First, before we get into that, I would like to introduce myself to you. I am an American Army veteran with 13 years of service, including 2-year deployments to Afghanistan as a Chaplain Assistant. My duties specifically was a security advisor to the Chaplain team. Both deployments with the knowledge and skills I have acquired over the years, I successfully brought back home the Chaplains who I was assigned to protect. I apply the same skills here in Israel while I study and learn about the Israeli Arab conflict, which has been going on for decades prior to the recognition of the State of Israel.

One of the key issues I truly want to stress if I have the opportunity is that this conflict is not about land. This is a religious war declared on the Jewish people. As you can see around the world the Jewish are a target by the Islamic extremist. Israel has always been home to the Jewish people prior the 1948 and 1967. During Mohamed’s life he conquered lands and killed people who wouldn’t convert to Islam, it’s not being racist, it’s stating a historical fact which I am sure you know. Just like Radical Islam declared war on the United States in 9/11, the same enemy declared war on the Jewish people and the 1 and the only Jewish state. Their mission is not a 2 state solution, but a 1 state solution without Israel, and I don’t think the State Department has got that yet.

Paying for terrorist families. Islamic terrorist use many tools of incitement to carry out their agenda, propaganda is 1 tool, and a huge fact is a payment to terrorist families, which happens after Israel kills in defense a terrorist. I don’t know where exactly but I do know that the United States is part of this, and if it can stop, it will definitely help the fight against terror.

This is the bulk of topics I would like to discuss with you in the fight against terror. President Trump has already proven he is a friend to our people both in the USA and in Israel. We acknowledge his promises are being kept in moving of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and the recognition of Jerusalem as our capital. I truly with all of my heart believe what will help in this fight against terror is that you mean with a regular citizen. Not someone who has 24 hours of protection. Someone with boots on the ground, who has a family to support. There are so many issues in Israel besides terror that need a fix job. Many people are tired, angry because of this conflict. Israelis want peace. I feel like my experience and background, I want to do my part for my countries by meeting with you on important issues that is not being addressed enough. Thank you very much for your time and I hope you will enjoy your stay in the Holy Land.

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