America Under Attack: Failed Subway Bomber in Custody


Christmas posters triggered a Brooklyn man wearing a pipe bomb attached with Velcro and zip ties to set off an explosive in the Times Square subway station Monday morning.

The 27-year-old suspect, Akayed Ullah, came to the U.S. from Bangladesh in 2011 on a family immigrant visa and is a legal resident, Department of Homeland Security spokesman Tyler Q. Houlton said on Twitter.

President Trump has stood strong against the chain migration policies that brought Ullah to America. Ullah claims to have been inspired by the now decimated ISIS. Investigators have expressed belief that he was a solo actor who planned the attack after reading one of the terror group’s publications on the internet.

The attack was the 2nd recent attack in NYC following an October Truck Attack in New York City that left eight people dead and at least 13 injured.

The Monday attack caused serious burns on Ullah and other victims had minor injuries.

Are you afraid to travel to NYC this Christmas season? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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