President Trump Can Thank Steve Bannon For His Tax Victory

By Cindy Grosz:

Into the wee hours of Saturday morning of December 2, Senators passed a historic tax plan by a 51-49 vote.  Only Republican Senator Bob Corker voted along with all the Democratic Senators in opposition.

Immediately, the mainstream media has reported various stories declaring victories for both Senator Mitch McConnell and Congressman Paul Ryan.  This is anything but true.  The real winner here is Steve Bannon.

Steve Bannon has been outspoken that his number ONE concern is doing everything in his power to help the Trump carry out his campaign promises and presidential agenda consistently.

Why did senators get on board????

Several weeks ago while being interviewed by Sean Hannity, Bannon declared that except for Ted Cruz, who he called a “good guy,” everyone else up for reelection is facing serious competition in their primaries, citing a former Senator Mike Lee staffer contemplating a run in Utah against Senator Orrin Hatch.

This past week,  Hatch, 83,  third in the line for the presidency as Senate president pro tempore, and  in his seat for over forty years, not only defended President Trump but gave him rave reviews, stating “He’s not afraid to make decisions,” Hatch said this during an interview broadcast by MSNBC. “He’s not afraid to take on the big mouths around here.”

Paul Ryan’s recent actions reflect his own worries on keeping his position as Speaker of the House of Representatives and and rumors of competitors in a primary battle for his own seat from Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district.

Ryan was supposed to host a fundraiser last Wednesday for Congressman Lee Zeldin of New York.

Instead, Ryan held the fundraiser, using the proceeds to fund his political group and to the National Republican Congressional Committee.  According to reports, some of the monies went to the campaign of Congresswoman Elise Stefanik.  Stefanik, according to Conservative Review has an F rating, and is listed as number 18 on a list of the top 25 RINOS in Washington, D.C. Stefanik previously managed Paul Ryan’s debate prep when he ran for Vice President in 2012.  Her constituents find her so vulnerable that multiple candidates from both main parties and conservatives have already declared their candidacy.

Stephen Bannon, the former White House chief strategist and current Breitbart News executive chairman, came to the rescue.  Bannon will headline a fundraising event for U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin in Manhattan on December14th.

Zeldin, an outspoken supporter of the President, voted against the tax bill.  Zeldin stated that his constituents, living in Suffolk County, Long Island, would be affected by the deduction for state and local taxes, which hurts New Yorkers, who are already high taxed.  Bannon recognizes that while Zeldin did this, Zeldin has publicly voiced his eagerness to work with president on pieces of the tax plan as it goes into its next phases until it becomes law.  Both men back the president on most issues, especially Trump’s pro-Israel activism and veterans issues.

It seems that Alabama residents will elect Roy Moore as their next Senator on December according to the most recent polls.  Another Bannon versus RINO victory.  This is despite everything the establishment Republicans and mainstream  media are doing everything they can to defeat this victory.  If Moore is guilty of all the sexual allegations he vehemently denies, why hasn’t Gloria Allred given Sean Hannity the most important piece of evidence, the high school yearbook, he requested for a public forensic evaluation.

The people of Alabama will decide this race.

During 2016, when most Bannon followers endorsed Kelli Ward against John McCain, Trump made the mistake of backing McCain.  Could you imagine where we would be if McCain lost?  Obviously, Obamacare would have been repealed.

What President Trump should have done was say and tweet, “I will support the winner of the primary just like I was chosen as my party’s candidate in a process that included 17 opponents.”  Is that 240 characters??????

Cindy Grosz is the organizer of Tri-States/Northeast Grassroots for Victory 2018.  This group of  republicans, libertarians and conservatives are dependable activists who are tired of donating  their resources to candidates who don’t respect our president’s leadership and often feel taken advantaged of by their local leadership.  Who says we can’t win in NY?NJ?CT?PA?

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