Miscarriage of Justice: Kate Steinle Reaction From Around Social Media


The Kate Steinle decision is one of the worst jury decisions in recent history. It also highlights the lunacy of the left in fighting for so called “Sanctuary Cities and States.”

We have compiled some of the most compelling reactions from around social media in regards to the decision. RIP Kate. You were a beautiful soul with your entire life ahead of you. Please pray for Kate as well as for the family and friends of the fallen.


Where to report illegal invaders:

Jerry Brown and other tone deaf vote panderers have Kate’s blood on their hands:

Let’s focus our anger on a positive effort:

One Angry Conservative unfiltered:

Probably the Million Dollar Question here:

Let them leave:

California is a black eye on America. Hundreds of Billions in Debt. Increasing Communist sentiment. Now this, an endorsement of murder against American citizens.

Would you like to see California leave the Union? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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  1. Now, we should all boycott San Francisco and California. Governor Moon Beam really is an idiot. Yet, the people elected and then re-elected him. That tells you all you need to know about the majority in California.


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