Inmates Running The Asylum? Trump Tweaks Goodell as he’s ‘Lost Control’ of NFL


Earlier today, Donald Trump used his favorite social media platform to call out NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on the horrible job he has done the past 2 seasons in response to the National Anthem kneeling controversy.

The people have spoken as fan participation and viewership has severely dwindled this NFL season. The 4 major networks that carry NFL games (CBS, FOX, NBC and ESPN) are projected to lose over 500 million dollars this season. That figure does not include the thousands of fans who received a refund on the “NFL Sunday Ticket” product from Satellite Provider DirectTV.

With all of this controversy swirling in the background, Goodell had the nerve to recently request nearly $50 million per year (a 10 million dollar yearly raise) in addition to the lifetime use of a private jet during contract negotiations with the league.

Goodell has been a target for the fans of the league’s most successful team, The New England Patriots, for years over his punishing of perhaps the greatest player in the history of the league, Tom Brady, in the “DeflateGate” scandal without having conclusive evidence against the Quarterback.


Now Goodell has managed to alienate fans across the country by not putting his foot down on the horrifically disturbing disrespect that is being shown to our flag, our military, our history and the American way of life.

A 10 million dollar a year raise for someone who has mismanaged his league into a position where it is hemorrhaging money would be just another misstep for the NFL owners who have allowed Goodell’s weak leadership to cause irreparable harm to a league that is seeing ratings and revenue dwindle rapidly.

Would you come back to the NFL if it installed stronger, pro-American leadership? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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