Facebook not only expects you to be Psychic now, but is also Trawling your Old Posts

Whilst I would be the first to admit that part of my role as a Political Commentator is to shock, it has got to the stage with Social Media, one only has to breathe and suspensions occur. It is a sad fact that Facebook and Twitter have become Liberalized to the extent that our vernacular is policed so closely, even old posts are being flagged for new changes.

With the level of coverage given to Kristian Saucier, Navy Vet, jailed for taking 6 Selfies in a 40 yr old Submarine, you can probably imagine I was angry when Chelsea Manning (formerly Bradley Manning) was released, due to receiving clemency from Barack Obama’s Mis-administration. Kristian was still in jail at that time, so feelings were running high when Manning was treated like a celeb and given a Vogue cover.

Manning, former Army intelligence analyst, the traitor behind one of the largest leaks of classified intel ever, was  living openly as a woman and doing VIP tours and photo shoots, including bikini spreads. It was abhorrent to me and any freedom loving American that treachery of this ilk should be celebrated and rewarded, whilst a Patriot Veteran, languished in jail for a minor offence, considering the magnitude of Manning’s misdemeanors.

Over 6 months ago I tweeted out my disgust at the level of status afforded to a traitor, which was automatically added to my Facebook page. I used the word “Trannies” which has been an accepted form of terminology in The LGBT Community, up until recently. It seems that now that word is unacceptable on Facebook and either a troll or a bot has reported this and I now have 7 day ban from the site.


The word “Trannies” used to be acceptable in The LGBTQABCDEFG  community and Facebook, but not anymore. Maybe they need to cut out the middle man and tell us what
we actually can say. The concern is that how can we know if a word is unacceptable on a site, unless we are told? Because Facebook is funded, those who pay the most get to sway
the leanings of the site.

This is not only un-American but also not fair or democratic. Whilst I have lost track of number of the times I have had death threats, been called queer, gay, bent, homo or attacked for being a Christian, why are only some infractions,from some individuals policed?

If a Liberal had used the same terminology, I know for fact they would not have been penalized, but probably given a seat on the board and a key to the executive bathroom. This level of discrimination in Social Media has to be challenged. We change it by not advertising on these sites and boycotting those that do. I long for Conservative led Social Media, but until then, I remain in Facebook jail.

Love and peace

Xan xo

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