White House Petition to label ANTIFA as A Terror Group

Much has been written recently regarding the group labelled as ANTIFA (Short for anti-fascists)  On November 4 the great ANTIFA meet occurred and was billed as “Antifa Apocalypse” Hosted by a protest group called Refuse Fascism and was much a do about nothing. Violent and aggressive, a White House Petition seeks to label ANTIFA as A Terror Group.

Described by “Urban Dictionary”as Middle-class champagne socialist/communist/anarchist white boys who don’t like nationalists or fascists, who consider themselves to be rebelling against the establishment, whilst upholding all of its ultra-politically correct views. It scarily promotes itself as peaceful, yeah right as in like pizza n fries are healthy?

It’s alleged links to recent shootings include the Texas Church Shooter who carried an ANTIFA flag and said his actions were a “Communist Revolution” Whilst their positions are hard to define, even for it’s members, I am left wondering, what does the members pack include, discounts on bandannas etc?

There is a school of thought in which ANTIFA and it’s protests are funded by George Soros. I myself have seen ads on Craig’s list for paid protesters.This would be the kind of dastardly deed Soros and his Clintonites would participate in, to cultivate their Globalist perspectives. Bearing all of the markings of a hate group one can only hope they are classified as such.

 Love and Pwacw
Xan xo
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