Stop Politicizing and Enforce Standards -The Bergdahl Decision

The Military is continuing to be politicized by the left whether by liberal congress members or by liberal judges. The latest was the sentencing of SGT Bowe Bergdahl.

Bergdahl committed one of the highest forms of atrocities in the United States Military by abandoning his post. This is a simple but vital order that is taught in the first week of Basic Training. I myself am a Veteran of the United States and can tell you first hand how important this law of the Military is.

In the Military, everyone is accounted for, besides equipment and weaponry. In other words, if a Soldier is found missing from their post, the Unit sends troops to find the missing Soldier. In Bergdahl’s case, 6 Soldiers died at the hands of the Taliban, who were holding him when his unit sent them out to find him.

That is the whole reason why I am irritated with all of it, because it cost the lives of Soldiers, and all Bergdahl gets is a slap on the wrist. Why? How can we ensure that the standards in the Military are being met if they are not being enforced, which includes the laws of the Uniform Code of Military Justice?

The Military is like a family, a brother and a sisterhood and a bond is created with each other. When one of our family members die in combat that hits us home and will change all of us forever. What makes matters worse, besides the fact that this soldier abandoned his post which cost lives, politicians and judges are politicizing this because of their hatred for our President who loves the Military. Enough is enough.

The reason why I say this it’s politicizing is that when you research the voting records of these liberal Democrats, the majority of them vote against Military and Veteran benefits, or rules against America first. This will also cause a spiral effect because Soldiers will think if this guy can get away with it so can they.

This will lead to an undisciplined Military, and if you have an undisciplined Military, you will lose wars. Because in the Military you train as you fight and the whole mission and objective of the Military is to win wars.

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