Dem’s celebrate minor victories, Yet still lack direction.

As the votes are counted up for the recent local elections in The USA and Democrats celebrate hollow and insignificant victories, their party continues to crumble. After Hillary Clinton’s crushing defeat last year the limping excuse for modern politics, struggles for breath. Lets face it, if you can’t even win an election where the nomination was bought for you and there were no holds barred with dishonesty and cheating, what does it spell for your party?

With all of the hoo ha and celebrations yesterday, one would think that they had won the National, not just a few local seats in expectable constituencies. Still without leadership and a clear message it is a surprise even to them, that they won any seats at all. Still basking in the stench of failure and directionless idiocy, they cry Russia, Russia, Russia, when all who hear respond Hillary, Hillary, Hillary.

With party rifts apparent and embarrassing Representatives like Wiggy Waters & the dementing Nancy Pelosi, we need not look far for explanations for Democratic losses. This is now the party of regret and embarrassment and with daily revelations of dishonesty and criminal activity, from the likes of Donna Brazile etc, we need just sit and watch while it all comes undone.

Getting in on the act of turning a sparkler into a firework display today was 2 time Presidential race loser Hillary Clinton. Most people would stay home and knit or paint with the weight of revelations coming out regarding her role in illegal activity, but not this diva. She is the gift that keeps on giving, and giving, and…………….

Clearly the ideology is to play to the stupidity of the party base and lets face it, there are quite a few amongst them. To believe the lies of a 40 yr career criminal takes one heck of a lot of trust, even with an overwhelming amount of evidence to prove the contrary. Selling the same snake oil day by day and your “followers” lapping it up is worrying to say the least.  Lets hope her criminality finally catches up with her, and they finally lock her up.

With so many dead people and illegals voting in elections, it could maybe explain why the Dem’s won the few insignificant seats they did. There’s a lot to be said for voter ID and why wouldn’t we want proof of who is voting? We wan’t it all to be above board right? The ideology that voter ID’s are racist is a loss to me, but then again so is Pepper the Pig, so go figure. Lets just hope George Soros didn’t provide the voting machines.

Love and Peace

Xan xo

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