Donald Out Trumps Skeptics

Whilst the media predicted everything from North Korean attacks, to the sky falling down, President Trumps Seoul, South Korea visit went quite well. Although foiled by fog,  he tried to take a tour of the Demilitarized Zone, prior to a major speech. Helicopters turned back due to the lack of visibility, but the President was not perturbed by the event.

In his speech to the South Korea National Assembly, he asked leaders internationally  to increase the pressure on Kim’s government, trying to force him to give up his nuclear weapons. Even Kim’s own people are terrified of him, given his erratic a dangerous behavior. Clearly only his hairdresser is safe.

The President came across as confident, professional and presidential, which I’m sure was displeasing to the US media. It is pleasing to see them with egg on their face given the way they have treated him over the past few years. Whilst there’s no sign of diplomatic progress between Washington and Pyongyang, we can live in hope.

Love and Peace

Xan xo

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