Air Force failed to file papers Re Texas Shooters Abuse.

It has come to light That The US Air force failed to file papers that would have prevented Texas Mass Shooter Devin Kelly from owning a gun. Kelly, the perpetrator in Sundays event where  27 people were killed & 24 injured, in Sutherland Springs, Texas, could have possibly been avoided if procedure had been followed.

This was confirmed today in a statement from the Air Force, that the military branch had failed to properly inform the FBI of Kelly’s 2012 court martial conviction for assault. This alone would have kicked in an immediate gun ownership ban, and background checks would not have been passed.

Concerns were also once again highlighted as to how The Military responds to Domestic Violence issues. It’s very rare that someone is court-martialed for domestic violence. These cases are typically under reported, which makes it hard to gather statistics and effect change. Survivors fear repercussions for their abusers and the possible prevention of partners moving up the ranks, or even ending a military career.

Stephen Willeford, the heroic NRA member who shot the Sutherland Springs Church killer saved his community members. In the video below he goes into detail about his level of response. Many have been critical regarding the use of firearms by responsible gun owners in situations of this ilk, but had Stephen not intervened, more could have died.

Clearly procedural changes need to be implemented within the Military and tight lipped traditions challenged. Calling for changes in gun laws when those on the books are not administered, is putting the cart before the horse. Sadly the left uses every opportunity for divide at a time when we clearly need to come together. I pray for healing for this community and The US as a whole.

Love and Peace

Xan xo

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