Trump’s Asian Tour attracts Protests and Criticism

TRUMP PROTESTS SOUTH KOREAUS President Donald Trump is currently on his Asian tour and The Media never miss a trick. If they are not crucifying him for not bowing, they are calling his impeachment. This time for dumping the whole box of fish flakes into the koi pond, with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, rather than delicately dropping each flake, one by one. The horror, where is your fish flake sharing etiquette Donald? So un-presidential.

His host saw the funny side of it, but clearly everything is such a big deal when it comes to Trump. Had Obama done it, they would have named a federal holiday in his honor and given every US child a koi carp called Barry. Its sad, but true folks

Mr Trump stated North Korea was “a threat to the civilized world,” whilst emphasizing a strong relationship with Japan. Seoul, South Korea however prepares for his visit tomorrow amid protests which took place in the capitol on Saturday, with attendees chanting slogans and waving banners.

Whilst avoiding Demilitarized Zone dividing the Korean peninsula, he will deliver what  a speech before the country’s national assembly. I am sure with the aid of teleprompter and staying on script crisis will be averted. Without a doubt some dumb spin will be added by The US Media.

With Korea. China, Vietnam & The Philippines yet to come in this 5 nation tour, I wonder if the Media will find anything positive to say about The Presidents objectives. Will Kim Jong Fool hold out and olive branch and request a peace summit? We will have to wait and see. Stay safe President Trump, we still have your back!

Love and Peace

Xan x

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