Hillary and Her Campaign staff treated Donna Brazile like a slave.

New revelations have come to light regarding Hillary Clinton’s Racist attitude in a new tell all by Donna Brazile, former DNC Chair. In her book “HACKS” The inside story of The Break-in’s & Breakdowns That put Donald Trump in the White House, Brazile accuses Clinton of “treating her like a slave” among other things.

“I’m not Patsey The Slave” Brazile told DNC Staffers, working on the Clinton Campaign, referring to a character from The Movie, 12 Years A  Slave. Excerpts from Brazile’s book were reported on Saturday by The Washington Post, who quoted from an advanced copy, no doubt hand delivered by Donna herself.

This is not the first time Hillary and her crew have been accused of Racism. In the above clip from 1996, Hillary Clinton uses the term“super-predators” referring to black people, while promoting her husband, President Bill Clinton’s criminal justice reforms. She also went on to say that they needed to be “brought to heel” and other phrases that have come back to haunt her from time to time.

Other revelations indicate that she considered replacing Hillary Clinton with Vice President Joe Biden after health concerns came to light. Collapsing and coughing fits do not inspire confidence in voters. The fact that the DNC was allegedly flat broke when Brazile took over seemed to compound her frustrations.

As interesting as all of this is, we cannot forget that this former CNN commentator gave debate questions in advance to Hillary on at least one occasion. Brazile also reveals she feared for her life, after the unsolved murder of Seth Rich. She expressed concerns today on Twitter in the tweet below, asking for people to refrain from posting threats.

As Hillary is yet to publicly respond, we wait with baited breath to see what does indeed transpire. I don’t doubt that Donna is scared, but it would be all too convenient for anything sinister to happen to Ms Brazile, right? I am sure Seth Rich’s friends and countless others had thought the same. My advice is to use some of your book advance to pay for some private security Donna.

Love and Peace

Xan x

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