Antifa “Civil War” Just A Few Melted Snowflakes


The rumors spread around the internet like a wildfire. The resistance to Trump. The so-called anti-fascist movement was to cause mass civil unrest on November 4th. Attacks on Police were rumored. Attacks perpetrated by people dressed as Trump supporters were talked up in the dark, nefarious corners of our increasingly whacked out internet.

As of this writing, the protests were mostly inconsequential. A few small gatherings, loosely organized with no major known flareups.

So much for the anticipated bloodshed that was so heavily rumored. Is this a sign of a turning of the tide? Will the radical left finally accept the fact that they have been beaten comprehensively the past few election cycles and finally go away? Not likely, but the useless and counterproductive bellyaching that many feel has already strengthened the reelection prospects of Donald Trump, may finally begin to subside.

Is the end here for the Trump resistance? Is it only getting started? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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