Reactionary Times TV: America Rules!!!

America Rules!!!! Right Wing News Founder John Hawkins and Writer Sierra Marlee Join The Program as well as West Coast Weekly’s Andrea Kaye and Attorney Michelle Owens!!! Julio Rivera as Always is your Master of Ceremonies. #ReactionaryTimesTV

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  1. Pete Ortiz says:

    I heard you on Charles Butler yesterday and wanted to call but I was driving. I called him today. I am a NY Rican and talk to Charles quite often.


  2. You’re really a DICK!! Thom Hartman. Asked you a simple question — what has the republicons done in the last 60+ years that have done any good. Your answer– Reagan tax cuts!! Bigger military!! No abortion!! Simply unbelievable!! Such things are only voiced by PRICKS like you!! Do some research IDIOT!! You might just find out YOU’RE WRONG ON EVERYTHING YOU SAID!! SAD Trumpite!!


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