I stand with Dana Loesch and the NRA


A tragedy happened in Las Vegas last night. An evil gunman, murdered 58 people and wounded over 520 people who were attending a concert. The investigation is still on going and no determination of what the cause was has yet to be founded. One thing is clear, stop blaming the NRA and their spokeswoman Dana Loesch.

It is every Americans right to be able to bear arms. Criminals, terrorist will find a way to get a hold of weapons, even if they were all banned. Liberals need to realize that the 2nd amendment is there for law biding citizens so that they can protect themselves from these people who break the law. Instead of listening to fake news do your own research and see for yourself. I thought I would help here with 1 of many sources how guns to protect people

This might be an unorthodox article coming out right after this tragedy, but the level of hatred I have seen towards Dana Loesch and the NRA is uncalled for. It should be addressed and pointed out that this level of hatred is why people should have the right to arm themselves for protection.  Here is just a few examples of the hatred  I am referring too. Dana’s Twitter handle is @DLoesch.


This one shows the hatred by politicizing a tragedy.


Let’s get real, stop blaming an organization and their spokeswoman for ensuring the right of citizens. She is a true patriot who cares about the safety for the American people. If anyone is to blame its the person who committed the murder. If guns were removed, criminals and terrorist will find ways to acquire them as well as use other means of terror. Palestinian Muslims in Israel use Molokotov cocktails, vehicle ramming, IEDs, bombs, knives, and screw drivers, even with the strict gun laws that Israel enforces.

It is really not that hard to understand, by taking gun rights away, you are taking self defense away from majority of Americans who obey the law. A very good example is Nazi, Germany who disarmed people which lead to 6 million deaths. Let’s hold the people who commit the crime accountable and leave the NRA and Dana Loesch alone, I will defend their message and defend the Constitution. I stand with Dana and the NRA.




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  1. Patricia Barr says:

    I stand with Dana and the NRA.


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