Las Vegas Mass Shooting: Was It Islamic Terrorism?

ISIS released a statement via the messaging app Telegram on Monday claiming responsibility on Monday for the Las Vegas mass shooting that killed at least 58 people and injured 518 more. They further claimed that shooter Stephen Paddock had converted to Islam months ago.


The claim that the attacker had actually converted to Islam is yet to be confirmed but the fact that ISIS doesn’t just go around claiming responsibility for every terrorist attack does lend some measure of credibility to their statement.

Many other theories have floated around the internet and social media including that Paddock and the woman believed to be his partner, Marilou Danley, had broken up, and that the breakup sent him over the edge.

Danley is believed to be in the Phillippines currently and is not considered a person of interest in the case.

Despite the horror and need for healing after an attack of such magnitude, the left, and Hillary Clinton specifically, immediately politicized the event as a call to further restrict 2nd Amendment protections on law abiding Americans. The sad irony of her disgusting and self serving and reactive response is that the Country Music fans who fell victim to this attack, generally tend to be Pro-2nd Amendment.

More information will be coming in the aftermath, but one thing is certain. There is no floor when it comes to the political opportunism of some people.

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  1. Ralph Gardner says:

    Julio…your speech is just plain hubris. There’s no question that we need sensible ‘gun controls’ with a particular emphasis on background checks. The Las Vegas shooter would most likely pass any checks unless he had a history of mental illness, though that seems muddy right now; it’s a law we really need. This link sheds some light on the early history on the 2nd amendment.


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