Message to the Liberal Black Community: Get Over It!


Over the past few weeks, I find myself in shock and disbelief over what has been going on in my country of birth,the United States. I previously proudly served this country in the Military. I don’t think I have ever seen such a divide in our nation ever before in my life. I also haven’t seen such disrespect to our country with pure hatred for the American way of life, customs and traditions.

This whole nonsense began when Colin Kaepernick pretty much disgracefully said to the fans: Screw you, and kneeled during the playing of the United States National Anthem prior to a game. Yes he has free speech, but that doesn’t apply to the private organization  which the NFL is. Why the protest? At first it was said because of a verse that supposedly supported racism which was false. Secondly, it came out later that he intended to protest against black oppression. Excuse me, black oppression?

For the liberal black community, and I make sure to say liberal because there are awesome conservative black people who do make something of themselves, please enlighten me on what this oppression you are going though? I see you guys have your own TV channel, your own Music station, and even have affirmative action which helps you get a job as well as advancement in the job. These luxuries come give you an advantage above everyone else because of your skin color. It is not because of your skill set. For crying out loud, a black person held the most highest position in America, the United States President. Seriously where is this oppression? You guys cry out against police brutality, but most of the crime in America is black on black crimes, followed by black on white crimes. Facts are facts.

Truth be told, slavery happened years ago, so get over it. Stop acting like you are the only race of human beings that have went through persecution. 6 million of my people were exterminated for being Jewish in Nazi, Germany. My Jewish people were also slaves in Egypt. Every race including white people have gone through some sort of persecution. Now, with your privileged selves making all of that money you make in sports, music, etc, you want to take a knee?  Give me a break. America is about all Americans, not you. Each person has life struggles that they go through, stop blaming other races or genders because you are not getting the handouts you want. Go make something of yourself like your conservative counterparts do. Try to move out of the “ghetto,” which by the way originated in Warsaw, Poland when Nazis occupied Jewish communities there.

Basically, I am saying man up, grow up, and get over the past. America has a great system for everyone where anybody can be a success. Stop politicizing in places like sporting events, because no one wants to see that during family time.

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