Facebook Takes Sides, But We Already Knew That…


My name is Julio Rivera. Most people who follow me and watch and listen to my various podcasts, probably read that in my voice. Recently, the Facebook Fascists have gone on a full out assault on all things #Conservarican. My ability to share posts from my humble little Reactionary Times Facebook page has been suspended, my attempts to create new pages to get around these issues and continue to promote our message of conservatism has been stymied by the Nazi’s over at Zuckerberg’s evil empire.


Free speech is the cornerstone of our society. It is the very foundation of America. It was the sharing and promoting of the ideals of freedom and liberty that led to our victory over tyranny 200 plus years ago. Imagine an America where Thomas Paine did not publish Common Sense for example. Would an inspired Colonial Army been formed to fight the British? What about Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations?” Would the ideas of capitalism been promoted otherwise in the infancy of the new, free world?


The world we live in is a collection of individuals with conflicting views. Conflicting views are a good thing, because it inspires intellectual dialogue that advances society as a whole. Free speech is vital to the overall improvement of our planet and when fascists unilaterally make the decision to silence views that contradict theirs on the largest social media site in the world, we retard that progress.

According to Facebook, my “suspension” ends in 2 days. What additional retribution awaits me for having the audacity to disagree with the leftist agenda remains to be seen. I can only hope that it ends here, as my concern for this country as a conservative activist is central to my life.

As my “Timeout” has not ended yet, I ask all of you that believe in free speech to please Like and Share Reactionary Times on FascistBook, I mean Facebook, and follow @reactionarytms of Twitter.

God Bless America and the First Amendment.


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  1. Here’s the thing Conservatives seem to be unable to understand when it comes to free speech and the 1st Amendment; the 1st amendment doesn’t protect you (or what you say) from being removed from privately owned property by the owner when you go to it and run your mouth about things with which he or she may disagree.

    First Amendment protections apply ONLY in cases where the GOVERNMENT is denying you that right and especially when it come to political speech. A private citizen (like Mark Zuckerberg) that provides a forum has no legal obligation to let you use it or keep your prior opinions up for anyone to see. Conversely, if you want to espouse your Conservative ideology you are free to do so without fear from government interference and/or prosecution on your own private property.

    If you have a problem with that, build your own Facebook. Then you can say whatever you want and remove whatever you disagree with as you see fit like they do.


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