NFL To 63 Million Americans: Go F*** Yourselves!


In the latest display of normalized, mainstream Anti-Americanism this Sunday, we saw the NFL disrespect the legacy of countless national heroes whose service, sacrifice and selflessness over the decades of its existence contributed to its very ability to function freely as an American success.

In the NFL alone, Veterans like Pat Tillman, Ralph Wilson, Rocky Bleier, Sid Luckman, Eddie LeBaron and Roger Staubach were all marginalized in order to appease a fringe group of malcontents whose cause is being magnified by a complicit mainstream media.

The globalists have infiltrated the American stream of consciousness. Utilizing a false narrative of racism in a country that continually discriminates against well qualified White Americans via Affirmative Action programs, the mania has reached a fever pitch with the self-destruction of an American institution.

America’s sport has disgraced itself with it’s misguided effort to be “politically correct” in a world where Anti-Police, Anti-Americanism and Anti-White violence and sentiment is increasingly celebrated.

The NFL could have better utilized its platform this Sunday to call for National solidarity in the wake of the natural disasters that have recently affected Houston, Texas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Florida and the Carribean. Instead, a movement begun by a misguided, half white former player who by all accounts has lived a privledged lifestyle since birth, has continued the division in our country that was started by our last President.

There were a few bright spots in an otherwise sad and pathetic display on “Week 3” in the NFL. Jerry Jones, the proud owner of “America’s Team,” the Dallas Cowboys defiantly stated in regards to the recent protests of the National Anthem, “that’s not the place to do anything other than honor the flag and everybody that’s given up a little bit for it.”

Another honorable display was seen in Chicago, as Alejandro Villanueva was the only player on the Pittsburgh Steelers to come out of the locker room Sunday when the national anthem played before the game. Villanueva, who served three tours in Afghanistan as an Army ranger, walked outside of the locker room tunnel and put his hand over his heart while standing during the national anthem.

The NFL suffered a ratings drop as many pro-American fans have become disgusted with these recent attacks on patriotism. As the expected drop in revenue arrives will the NFL team owners and League officials have the guts to tell their players enough is enough, or will the NFL decline into a secondary sports league? Share your opinion in the comments section below.


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  1. ASIDE from the fact YOU WILL NOT DISRESPECT MY COUNTY, why would I watch folk I don’t know, play a sport I don’t play, and live in a city I DON’T?


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