“Free Speech” now “captcha’d”?


It’s hard to believe I live in the United States sometimes.  I’ve been censored NUMEROUS times, thrown in F.B. jail and had three Twitter accounts shut down.  Why?  For telling the TRUTH.

I’m a former marathon runner, so I guess you could say I’m a pretty tenacious person. Being a redhead helps too.  What am I fighting for?  The honor of my husband, a United States Marine. Furthermore, I can prove the ones who slandered him are lying, so why would, or should I back down?

Hillary prided herself on “standing by her man” through the course of her marriage to lying “horn-dog” Bill Clinton.  I’m standing by my man too, refusing to let liars slander him.  Where are my accolades?

Mark Zuckerberg fancies himself as arbiter of all that right and meet through the innocuous sounding “Community Standards” on Facebook.  Does it meet “Community Standards” to brainwash a child?  Does it meet “Community Standards” to “launder money”?  Does it meet “Community Standards” to lie, steal, collude, forge and coerce? Therein lies the “meat” of the truth I try to get out to the best of my ability.  Oh yeah, I try to get “Kool-Aid Drinkers” “woke” to the fact that many in Dallas are in a growing cult of eleven thousand.

I have no money for an attorney, and I no legal training whatsoever, but somehow I have managed to file two grievances and two appeals against a State Bar, and also file an investigation with a State Auditor’s Office.  Unfortunately, this State Auditor’s Office has no subpoena power, so in essence, the Bar investigates themselves, and they LIKE it that way.

Have we so quickly forgotten about “Pravda” and state-run media?  It’s not a whole lot different now when “reputable” news organizations slobber all over themselves to aggrandize known liars, and then to “endorse” them because us lowly peasants can’t figure things out for ourselves.

In my home state of Texas, The Dallas Whoring News and Houston Chronic Liars both endorsed Hillary.  Seems pretty surreal huh?  Orwell’s book “1984” is here folks; everyday for the past three years I feel like I’m in one of those bad dreams where you scream and nothing comes out.

So now, as I “market” for a cutting-edge website that has more cajones than the entire state of Texas, I “patriot” on for The Reactionary Times.   Rivera is a veteran who dares take a stand, and realizes our fight isn’t about “left” and “right” as it is about “right” and “wrong”.

How can you help stop the loss of our liberties?  Share our posts and help spread the word since I’m shackled with Zuckerberg’s punishment in the form of a “captcha” for my each and every post.  “Gotcha” Zuckerberg.


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  1. Special thanks to Shawn M. Carter of The Trump Train FB page! Muah!


  2. Shawn M. Carter of The Trump Train FB page has helped me more than my TOWN!


  3. HEYsimilar stuff has happened to me on facebook and Twitter has banned many Christians….their day is coming…keep up the good work


  4. Gregory Brown Sr. says:

    Just fight for what’s right! And do not get caught up in Whays not!


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