A Watermark of “Authenticity?” Part 2


While simultaneously going “up the chain of command” of Watermark Dallas only to find no accountability for staff lies to both a child and the Attorney General, we contacted Right Now Media.

Right Now Media is the former employer Lonnie Mac Smith, and current employer of Watermark “Divorcecare” volunteer, Anita Prevett Smith.  Since $1,200 of health insurance for my husband’s child turned out to be “free” from Watermark Church, we sought invoices from Right Now Media since my husband had been asking for years for invoices from A.P.S., only never to receive one.  After talking to the H.R. person at Right Now Media and sending a copy of the divorce decree, still they refused to provide invoices.

We both found this curious, as well as the eerily “dismissive” attitude present in both organizations.  Since my husband is a Marine with a philosophy of “know your enemy”, some simple internet sleuthing and paying a small fee resulted in the 2014 discovery of a cozy alliance between Right Now Media, Allen Bible, and Watermark Church.  Brian Moseley is the C.E.O. of Right Now Media.  Handily, Todd Wagner produces media for Right Now for Brian, then as an elder for Allen Bible, the media is marketed on their website…..how convenient.

Dallas “Kool-Aid Drinkers” will vehemently defend Todd Wagner stating his Highland Park mansion was “given to him”.  Was it given to him by Moseley?  Why wouldn’t they defend Wagner?  After signing a covenant, apparently they can do whatever the h*ll they want.

Emily Loper, co-worker of Lonnie Smith, handed us off to Jim Wimberley who was well aware of the consequences of the Smith’s actions.  My husband became furious with Wimberley with his dismissive attitude towards our situation, and disregard for my health, when we sought a prompt and discreet resolution.

In January 2014, we emailed the pastor and elders of Watermark Church a synopsis of everything we had been through including the 85 inaccuracies in Anita’s documentation to the A.G.’s office.  In reality, one payment had been missed in 13 years with my husband paying as much as 76% of his income on child support one year while on unemployment, and 25% another.

About this time, I also recontacted my life-long friend who had referred me to Emily Loper.  By this time, he had experienced his own hellish nightmare with Watermark:

(Name redacted)   “Can I ask who on staff you dealt with? It is strictly for my own knowledge and I will not act on it. I am no longer at Watermark because I was dis-fellowshipped but I am not looking for retribution just context. I think there may be a cancer within that church that has impacted me and probably you too and I am curious if our situations come from a common cancer.” (11/22/2014)

(Leslie Brown)    “Bobby Crotty, John McGee, Jim Wimberly, Todd Wagner, Kyle Kaigler, Elders, “pastoral office email”, r. smith @ the porch, the girl you referred me to, can’t think of her name and someone named Pokluda. Help me out dude, we have been through hell.”

(name redacted)  “Nothing I can do as I was essentially kicked out myself. You have the names of all the big players but none of them were directly involved in my situation that I know of…..There are a number of staff that are attorneys by training, including Bobby Crotty, so they have a lot of built in legal knowledge and they will do whatever they think they must to protect the brand.” 

(To be continued….it’s good)

Below shared from: http://thewartburgwatch.com/2017/08/04/todd-wagner-watermark-church-seems-to-show-a-lack-of-empathy-for-moms-who-work-outside-the-home/

Watermark Church is a popular, non-denominational church in the Dallas area which has about 11,000 members. It appears to attract a fairly high income crowd if their building program is any indication of the amount of money coming into the church.

Watermark’s Church Contract

They have a fairly typical, hard line membership covenant which we prefer to call a legal contract because it is. It has the usual clauses of church discipline, submission and warnings against gossip. It also has an interesting requirement that each member must fill our their *spiritual growth assessment* once a year. I wonder what happens if their spiritual growth had a negative year?

For Watermark members who will read be reading this, here is a link to a number of posts we have written on the legal ramifications of church covenants. In case you don’t think it would even happen at your church, remember the Karen HInkley/Village Church scandal story that happened down the road from you a couple of years back.  Ask your pastor why you are safe from such shenanigans. Also, ask the staff why you were not told that this is a legal contract before you signed it. We recommend that no one sign such agreements without first consulting an attorney. Better yet, we recommend that you never sign it.





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