A Watermark of “Authenticity”?


What if you lost a child to a cult? What if that was your only child? What if the cult’s leader had a “litter” of six at home in his mansion, and couldn’t care less?

Our surreal nightmare with Watermark Church Dallas began on October 31st 2013 when we contacted staff member of Watermark Church, Anita Prevett Smith regarding the Christmas visit of my husband’s only child.  After four texts and no response (well, actually a “bit*hy one” to my two) I looked up Lonnie Mac’s email address on the website of Watermark Church Dallas.  This was “back in the day” when they didn’t have “safety email”; no copy option.

Through Lonnie Mac Smith, the visit was arranged.  I also told Lonnie we needed to speak to him regarding a “weighty matter” to which he was “dismissive”.  I emailed him three times.

Over the course of the Christmas visit (child still 17 at this point), the child told us her mother said “We didn’t try at all to contact her.”  We showed her the texts after we got over our initial shock.

January 2014, we tried more intensely to “pin” Lonnie down to a meeting, to no avail. “Hiding” like prepubescent girls seems to be the “M.O.” for this bunch.

I had a life-long friend who attended Watermark Church at the time.   I messaged him on Facebook for a “place to start” in such a large church for a contact person.   I didn’t tell my friend who I needed help with, or what “department”.   He was married at the time, so it never occurred to me I would be referred to someone in the singles ministry, who worked with Lonnie Mac Smith.   I was referred to Emily Loper; I believe this is where the “cover-up” began.

January 2014 I was working part-time for a Texas Regional Advisory Council under a temporary grant-funded position.  My boss was a former flight nurse, who began monitoring my blood-pressure.  My blood-pressure began getting out of control, because the same Mrs. Smith who lied to our child, also lied to the State Attorney General’s Office to the tune of 16 thousand dollars.  This lead to $825 a month garnishment of my husband’s paycheck in August of 2013, with no warning, on one income.

January 13th 2014, I was headed out the door from work when my boss, (D.U.) said, “Hey, come here, let me take your blood pressure.”  I likely rolled my eyes, but turned around and allowed him.  After a troubled look, he immediately sent me to see my nurse practitioner whose clinic sent me to the E.R.

Five thousand dollars later, after a CAT scan, EKG, and two different medicines to lower my blood pressure, I was sent home with three prescriptions.  No insurance. Good times.

January 23rd 2014, through a phone-call mediation with the Attorney General’s Office, ALL 16 thousand of the “lied-about” amount was credited.  The phone call mediation also revealed the fact that the $1,200 “docked” from a calendar year, was “applied” to insurance that turned out to be FREE from Watermark Church.  Further “good times.” (To be continued…..it’s good.)




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