Everything’s bigger in Texas, including corruption


I have no legal training whatsoever, but I have no problem calling my own state what it is; a corrupt C.F.   I’m “untouchable” legally, because I’m right.

Have you ever wondered who has oversight over the State Bar of Texas?  They pretty much investigate themselves.  What the h*ll could go wrong?  Supposedly, their “oversight” is the Texas Legislature and the State Auditor’s Office.  Let me give you a “newsflash”; the Bar investigates themselves like Comey investigated Hillary.

I have contacted my State Senator, my U.S. Senator, and the State Auditor’s Office about the “meh-fia” of the State Bar of Texas.  The State Auditor’s Office doesn’t have “subpoena power” over the Bar, so what the h*ll are they good for?  I filed two grievances and two appeals before I contacted the SAO (case #16-2848.)

I mean, a State Bar that covers for one of their own is bad enough, but covering for an attorney,  who covered for a cult, who covered for a staff couple who lied to a CHILD resulting “parental alienation,” is criminally negligent.

Who has oversight of the Attorney General’s Office, because I sought help from not one, but TWO of them.  Call me a “kill-joy”, but I think someone lying on a notarized affidavit to the State Attorney’s General’s office about 16 thousand dollars,  slandering a Marine, lying about 1K of insurance, refusing to show required documentation, and causing a health crisis,  in the words of Joe Biden,  is a “B.F.D.”

We haven’t had the best luck in Texas either with the agency over home inspectors. Because our inspector was too lazy to get his behind under our mobile home, we were unaware we had a kind of plumbing that had had a class-action law-suit filed against it years earlier.  Due to the crappy plumbing, we had “black-mold”.  Good times. My health was affected by the effects for a year.  We went “up the chain” of the agency for justice; no dice.

I could go on and on about inefficiency and injustice my county too, but we live in the country, so they’re our “police”; I’d be “peeing in my Wheaties”.

The media in Texas consists of the Dallas Whoring News, Houston Chronic Liars, and Austin Amerikan State’s “Man”.  I say this because the first two endorsed Hillary, and the last one didn’t have the nads to endorse either.

I have literally begged the media in Texas to take my story which involves collusion, fraud, lying, theft, forgery, brain-washing and money-laundering in a cult in Dallas, but they simply give themselves a really good scratching, roll over and go back to sleep. Corruption in the State Bar?  Yawn.

In October of 2016, I learned about an Al Qaeda arrest in my county.  I gave the tip to local media, and then Fox contributor Kevin Jackson; I had worked for him, and he trusted me.  The tip made national radio that day, national news the next.

I was born in Texas, and have always loved my state, but my state is no longer the one I thought it was, or want it to be.  Don’t get me started on the V.A.

(Will happily give a deposition, testimony of another cult victim, as well as telephone conversations with both Jordan L. Preddy and Kathleen Morgan of the State Bar; apparently, they’re not used to “cold calls”.)

Hubby opinion, “Keep your gun clean.”






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