The Left’s Insidious Plot To Marginalize American Exceptionalism


Is the monument removal a pawn in a bigger objective?

Hundreds of law abiding American Citizens were attacked for their social views on society based upon the foundation of Christianity.

The radical left used the arm of the government to overreach by targeting individuals and business owners with the IRS.

The radical left demanded that America’s values conform to their ideology and used the courts to demand the violation of our freedom to worship the Lord as we each saw fit.  Christian lifestyle, morals, and compass were stripped from the florist, the baker and even the clergy.  Those events were extreme and truly unbelievable.  There is no one in this Nation that believed this could happen in America.  Americans were blindsided in their innocent belief that race and bigotry would end finally in America by having elected the First Black President.

Today we have a generation of liberal educated BRATS waging a war against every American that pulled the lever for a TRUMP victory.  He has been labeled as a NAZI by many leaders of the Democrat party shamefully. Including the former ambassador to Germany as he claims he is an authority on German History. He accuses the POTUS as having NAZI behavior tactics. This could now be perceived as laying the ground for the current attacks.  His name is Phil Murphy and he is running for New Jersey Governor.  New Jersey needs to ask themselves is this state election going to viewed in history as the gateway to occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Choose wisely of the seven running.  Don’t believe the only answer is a Powerhouse candidate from the two mainstream political parties in America.

It widely was known and considered common knowledge that Christians and faith based leaders across the country supported the election of Donald J Trump.  This decision was made on the promises made by Trump to nominate  Supreme Court Justices that were constitutional conservatives.

The left is at war with the beginning collapse of what has been at minimum a 60-year mission to devalue America’s exceptionalism.

By electing Donald Trump as President of The United States the world knows Americans have woken from their slumber.

We elected a complete antithesis of a politician. There is a new day in the world of politics.

The monument removal is the last ACT of radical behavior in an attempt to escalate their end goal.  The question remains what is their actual objective? Do they truly aim to overthrow our government? Is the deep state using these radical left educated minions to have an actual coup?  Our rights do not come from the government.  Our rights are from GOD. End of story.

The monuments must stay.  The President must stay.  It is time to pick up your pen, your phone, your key board and fight back.  It is time for the silent majority to speak up and make your voice heard.

Do not be fooled by the main stream media.  You have witnessed the final death of the 4th estate.  It is we the people that the President serves not the media.  Let us not forget the egos of the non-professional journalists have been wounded.  The loss of influence, power, and prestige has given way to making up news which has now branded anything they report as FAKE NEWS.

Let us get to work and contact your State level Representatives and Senators as well as your Federal Senators and Congressman and demand that this insanity, this vandalism of public property is stopped. No more removal of HISTORY.  No more attacks on faith and American Heritage!

Val Sommerville




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  1. I see this protest as an agenda of George Soros to rid America of its culture for his NWO.
    Just look at what he has been doing all his life…his plan for a One World Government


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