Antifa Must Be Labeled A Terror Organization


A few years ago when I first started political writing, I wrote an article called “Can anyone walk in Israel’s shoes?” At the time I didn’t think it was possible, but when Obama left office he also left a very divided America.

Facts seem to have gone out the window because all that matters is “feelings.” Since President Trump got elected, the feelings of the spoiled temper tantrum throwing liberals finally exploded since they did not get their way, and the terrorist organization called Antifa was born.

Riots began after the election and continued on during the day of President Trump’s inauguration. The tactics used was very similar to the tactics the Palestinians use when they riot. Molotov Cocktails to bomb cars and they’ve beaten down conservatives, especially Trump supporters. There have been rioting, looting, and employing many tactics similar to those of the Palestinians. Antifa has waged war against law biding American citizens.

Now this terror organization Antifa is censoring free speech. Not allowing conservatives to speak at Universities. Not allowing white nationalist, regardless of what they stand for to have a free speech rally. And now to top it all off,  they are trying to rewrite American history, tearing down statues of American culture and history. Much like the Palestinians, whose ancestry belongs to the surrounding Arabic countries that attack tombs of our patriarchs of our Jewish history in Israel that have been there over 3,000 years. Next thing you know they will request name changes of cities like in Israel. The West Bank wasn’t always called the West Bank. It’s proper name is Judea and Samaria. The Palestinians have been incited to rewrite Israeli history by their leadership Abbas, Fatah and Hamas. Antifa is following in their footsteps and President Trump needs to act now, by declaring Antifa to be a terrorist organization. Censorship and rewriting history are not American values. Behavior like this should not be tolerated or accepted by any government official. The press needs some sort of accountability because they are becoming more like Pallywood by the day.

I am concerned of the direction the United States is going which is very similar to what Israelis go through. It’s not President Trump’s fault at all, because he wants to bring back law and order. I hope this article will get to the right people to help President Trump before it gets really out of hand, because United States is about to put on Israelis shoes.

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  1. Remo Williams says:

    Antifa actually is run by the same people that ran the “Occupy” movement. Antifa is just a different name for the same Marxist group. Good article. Dig deeper….


  2. James G. Remendowski says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve been saying the saying the the same thing for a long time myself!


  3. Considering Anti Fa are Funded by george Soros,
    They certainly are putting on Israeli shoes.


  4. Pooh Park says:

    Absurd analogy.


  5. Sam Spencer says:

    You are totally RIGHT! Our youth on the far left seem to know nothing of History. Especially when it comes to hating Hitler and Nazis! It is right to hate them for what they did, but I see the ANTIFA flying and wearing the old USSR symbol (Communism). Stalin was a thousand times worse! You cannot hate one and not the other! History is important. Learn from ALL the mistakes of the past!


  6. Greg Jewell says:

    Thanks for pointing this out. Hopefully this article will be read by the left. I’ll do my best to disseminate your article.


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