Charlottesville Mayor Signer Complicit in Murder Case


Michael Signer has long proclaimed his opposition to the Trump agenda. In attempting to set up Charlottesville as a “resistance city” to the President, he lit a match that ignited the fire that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer.

This Mayor, according to several reports, instructed his police for to bring both sets of protestors together in an effort, I believe, to create the maximum amount of chaos possible. This was confirmed by the mayor’s order to the police to stand down.

The unnecessary death of Heyer was due to violence. This violence was manufactured by an opportunistic mayor looking to advance his political career by creating a nationally televised disturbance. Over the past few days, Signer has made several high profile Television appearances. In these TV appearances, he continually excoriates the President for what he is incorrectly claiming is a sympathetic stance towards white nationalism.

Perhaps the fact that Robert Mueller’s dozens of attorneys and investigators have yet to yield any significant smoking gun on Trump in the matter of alleged Russian Government-Trump campaign ties in the last election has created a need for a new “Boogeyman” narrative for the left to sell to the American people.

This narrative has attempted to unfairly and inaccurately paint a man who was honored by Jesse Jackson, “For a lifetime of service to the Black community,” as a card carrying Klansman.

There seems to be no bottom to the insidious depths that Trump opponents will sink to try to discredit a president that hasn’t even completed his first year in office. There also seems to be no moral compass in these people as the actions of who I consider to be the chief conspirator in the murder of Heather Heyer, Charlottesville Mayor Michael Signer, clearly displays.

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