Rivera: Issue International Arrest Warrant For Soros if Involved in Charlottesville

If you read my previous editorial then you are well aware of the manufactured disruptions that have plagued President Donald Trump since his June 2015 announcement of his intent to run for President.

The “activist” group know as MoveOn.org has funded, encouraged and promoted a lawless resistance to our democratically elected leader since the infancy of his presidential campaign. This group is know to be funded by George Soros. George Soros has fingerprints on previous interference in international elections as well several well documented disruptive skirmishes in the United States.

Then came Charlottesville. Murder…

The protest to the removal of the monument to General Robert E. Lee of the Confederacy began peacefully. Although I do not associate, nor do I affiliate with the group holding the protest, it is not my place to attempt to deny their 1st Amendment right to free speech or peaceful assembly.

The Left Wing agitators, identified by many sources as members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter had an east path to destruction, as many reports state police forces the peaceful protestors to walk through a path that led them directly into their left wing counterparts. It was a recipe for disaster.

Another “Chef” responsible for this national tragedy was Charlottesville, VA Mayor Michael Signer. He has attempted to designate Charlottesville as an official resistance city adding fuel to the fire that has already resulted in Death.

I call for the issuance of an International Warrant for Murder for George Soros if we discover that his interference led to the Charlottesville riots. Enough is enough and Americans need to wake up to this ugly truth.



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