Weissman: We Must Stand with Netanyahu and Reject #FakeNews


The Fake news mantra has now infiltrated Israel, or at the very least has come into the public eye more. Prime Minister Netanyahu is the one now being attacked with false allegations and accusations with fake news reporting, much like President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Instead of a Russian collusion, Prime Minister Netanyahu is being accused of bribery, fraud and breach of trust.  Now the court system in Israel, along with the police are corrupt in many ways. Remember it’s the same courts and police that have no problems kicking out Jews from homes in the city of Amona, Israel. A lot of these courts and police are actually operate similarly to the so-called deep state in America. It is no coincidence that they are using similar tactics to try to take down our Prime Minister in the same way forces are trying to take down President Trump. When you have leadership that cares about their people, for some reason these deep state liberal progressives that are in power have a problem with that.

The media here in Israel also uses phrases like “sources say” as they make their case against Prime Minister Netanyahu. Is it any wonder why the evidence from these “Sources” are on a gag order because there is nothing of substance there, and it will reveal to the world that they are corrupt. Some of the fake news media claimed that it was Bibi’s decision to take down the metal detectors from the Temple Mount. This was far from the truth. The cabinet voted on the issue just like any democratic country would do and it was majority in concert with the police making the decision to take the security measures down. Prime Minister Netanyahu voted against bring them down, so you can see Israel also has fake news and unhinged liberals trying to take down a conservative leader. With so many fake allegations against the Prime Minister and his wife Sarah Netanyahu I have reconsidered my position on our Israeli leader.

I admit, I have made some harsh criticisms against Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu. You see the headlines and emotions get in the way of logical thinking. We can’t let fake news win as they are out to destroy countries that represent freedom, life and the pursuit of happiness. Prime Minister Netanyahu has limited power but he is trying to make Israel a Jewish safe place. He has obstacles to overcome as does President Trump. It is true that the average citizen doesn’t really see what goes behind the scenes and can truly make educated decisions or statements.  Imagine if the left and the media used the same amount of energy they use to try to topple Bibi, and focused it against an actual terrorist in power like Mahmoud Abbas. That would help Israel as a whole. In reality, there is only one Jewish state in the entire world, one Jewish homeland and we have one Prime Minister. He needs our support more than ever to help Israel fulfill it’s role to become light unto the nations.  I stand with Bibi Netanyahu.

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