Breaking News: Councilman Ruben Wills of NY Sentenced to Up to Six Years in Jail


This Article was written by Reactionary Times Education Expert Cindy Grosz:

Councilman Ruben Wills, endorsed and supported by the teacher’s union and tied to public schools in Queens with questionable legal and ethical practices was sentenced early Thursday morning to 6 years in prison.  He was found guilty last month of several crimes, including stealing from public campaign funds and non profit organizations.

Last year, I reported and organized press conferences at schools Wills is closely tied to where federal and state laws seem to be broken routinely in reporting safety issues, complying with mandated services and teaching in a safe and comfortable environment for all.

One school, MS 226 in South Ozone Park was the center of controversy when the principal, Rushell White, offended leaders within the Hindu and Jewish communities when she approved a mural featuring awkward characterizations.  Also hanging on the school grounds, a $10,000 check signed by Wills in a noticeable display.  There have been unconfirmed stories of a relationship between Wills and White, who despite multiple complaints to unions, government agencies and coverage in the media, remains head of the school.

Wills repeatedly received the endorsements and support of the United Federation of Teachers, headed by Randi Weingarten and currently Michael Mulgrew.  Why?

President Donald Trump, when candidate for the presidency, pointed to the failures involving inner city public schools.  Wills is the perfect example of leadership in these communities.

Wills had been under investigation for years on matters ranging from stealing monies from public funds earmarked for education, single parent families and obesity programs.  He chose to purchase food and goods for himself at the expense of those he claimed to help.  His own goddaughter, Michelle Davis, testified she never heard of or worked with a nonprofit set up by Wills in his recent trial.

Wills has close ties to State Senator James Sanders Jr., himself under federal investigation and Congressman Gregory Meeks.  Meeks, considered to be one of the most corrupt elected officials in the country was involved in a scandal earlier this week involving an almost $200,000 payment made to his wife.

The real questions is why are politicians like Wills are allowed to stay in office for so long? We should also ask, why does the teacher’s union work so closely with these shady types?

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