Education is a Non-Partisan Issue


This piece is by Education Activist and Reactionary Times Contributor Cindy Grosz.

When Randi Weingarten compared charter schools and the school choice movement as the “polite cousin of segregation,” she opened a can of worms she would have rather not seen crawl.

I have been an education activist and aware of the seemingly growing anti-Semitism, sexism, and racism in our school system for over a decade.

I am fully aware that Weingarten herself is fully aware of this, as I have sat in meetings where these issues were discussed. Not only has Weingarten knowingly allowed these possibly illegal and uncomfortable practices go on in schools, but those directly under her in union positions follow her lead in ignoring the information. There is documentation and witness conversations and testimony about just how much of it is ongoing routinely.

Take a look at lessons taught in our schools that represent incorrectly that African Americans came to America by choice for a better life, or that the Holocaust never took place. In New York, I helped write legislation A9057 which tried to start a commission to oversee lessons, textbooks, instructional materials and teacher guides so that classes taught facts and not opinions and would improve school environments are filled with bias and prejudice.

It never passed through the State Senate, mostly due to fear of union money used to attack elected officials who supported it.

These same unions that do nothing to end the anti-Semitic curriculum. The hate doesn’t start on day one of college, it is already indoctrinated through years of teachers and influences in the schools.

The unions are not the only problem. Elected officials have created a “swamp” of sorts with their criminality. This past week, New York Councilman, Ruben Wills, was found guilty of stealing over $30 thousand dollars of taxpayer money, a scheme to defraud, grand larceny, and filing a false instrument. Last summer, I stood in front of JHS 226 as a group of local politicians, business leaders, parents, students and educators held a press conference questioning why the union and Wills allowed Principal Rushell White to insult both the Jewish and Hindu communities and harass several white staff members. One staff member, David Possner, was reassigned. White has remained with no repercussions. Union members under Weingarten were contacted multiple times regarding the issues of this school. Ruben Wills’s photos, commendations, and even copies of checks were displayed all over the school grounds.

During Will’s trial, incriminating information questioned monies for youth non-for-profit organizations, many tied to public schools. In 2014, Wills was indicted by the attorney general’s office for pocketing $19,000 in grant money. It was approved by another convicted elected official, Shirley Huntley.

Huntley is also tied to the the Youth Leaders Institute, and its leader, Van Holmes. Holmes was also arrested for fraud in another school in Queens, NY. Weingarten herself visited PS 156 in 2006, after multiple complaints by staff and parents about federal and state violations of safety laws and questionable discriminatory practices by a principal who was arrested for rent fraud. PS 155 was later used for harboring an assistant principal from another school awaiting retirement as she was the immediate supervisor of teacher Simon Watts, a teacher sitting in jail for 35 years for sexually abusing five third grade students.

So Randi Weingarten, where is the racism? Isn’t it in depriving taxpayers, especially those in inner city schools, a chance for quality leadership, factual lessons, safe environments and schools grounds where people from all backgrounds feel welcome? You endorsed Hillary before she even formally announced her candidacy and many of your supporters were offended. The union probably makes the nonpartisan issue of education less successful and more corrupt than it should be.

School choice, vouchers and charter schools offer public school a chance of less segregation and racism, not more.

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