A Coup That Didn’t Materialize?


Adult incontinence products “took off” in sales nationally when it was revealed liberals REALLY WERE set up to take the country by force.

The Obama Administration was set up, according to a “15-page playbook, produced in October, (that) outlined the “enhanced measures” the government was prepared to take in the event of a “significant incident,” or disruption of the 2016 election, Time magazine reported Thursday, citing a copy of the document.

When we’re talking about liberals, a “significant incident” could be a simple ingrown toenail.

Also, in retrospect, let’s think who the heck was in charge of the following departments slated for implementation of the failed dastardly deed.  Seriously.

“​The playbook coordinated the responsibilities of the different government agencies — Department of Homeland Security, Justice Department and FBI — and dictated how they would “activate enhanced procedures and allocate the resources described in their enhanced coordination procedures to coordinate incident response activities.”

Personally, I “puckered” at the thought, and was thankful to the good Lord that Hillary didn’t “win” because I would probably be in a “high-security domestic terrorist re-indoctrination camp” right now.

In fact, liberals were so smugly satisfied that they would win the presidency, they didn’t have time to hide all their crap, hence the recent “spate” of mysterious deaths.

In time, the lingering “Kool-Aid drinkers” (still wearing a hint of a red moustache) will realize that we’re (the conservatives) are not backing down, and greater is He that is in us than the corrupt Bozos we see running around currently embarrassing themselves.


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