Conservatives Vs Liberals: Does Decency matter?

The headline asks a simple question. Common decency and civility has been lost to many nowadays in the world of political debate and dialogue. With many hiding behind their keyboards and smartphones (in some cases under aliases), the limits of depravity have reached unthinkable proportions.

Just about every week for the past 2 months I’ve had the pleasure to debate Thom Hartmann on his TV show, The Big Picture. He is one of the premier liberal “Thought Leaders” and talk show hosts in the country on either side of the aisle. Thom and I are aware of our political differences and although it seems we go after each other pretty hard, we respect each other and we have the decency to address each other personally and not behind the security and anonymity of the Internet.

Every week I check the comments thread on The Big Picture’s YouTube Channel to see just how low our fellow American’s on the left side of things have sunk in expressing their disapproval of my positions.

I posted 18 of the most vile, disrespectful and outright offensive comments I could find. I cobbled them for your pleasure (My pleasure as well) for a weekly post I like to call:

“This Weeks top Anti-Conservarican Hate Speech”

The Highlights:

Well, that’s a nice way to congratulate me on becoming a father again.

heart attack.jpg


How humane of you to want me to learn a lesson in such a manner.

car accident


So someone wishing a deadly disease on me thinks I should be the one that repents?!

deadly disease


Better look both ways before I cross.

hit by bus


Way to promote inclusion and diversity of thought.



It is obvious to me that we have reached a point in our country where the good old days of respectful disagreement and productive debate has been replaced with Antifa riots and other horrific incidents of violence. One involved a good young American I’ve recently met, Jovi Val, being attacked with a bottle for owning a Pro-Trump had and needing corrective plastic surgery as a result of the attack. It starts with words, and we’re seeing how it escalates to actions.

God please heal our divided nation.



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