“Op-Ed” from a “Kitchen Table Patriot”


From the files of the Kitchen Table Patriot

“The time is always right to do what is right.” Martin Luther King Jr.

There are two paths in this life; most choose the one of least resistance.  The easier, wider, path belongs to the teeming crowd who eagerly accepts, even recruits and imports new members to validate themselves; the majority must be right.  Right?

Liberals want equal outcomes for all, while conservatives want equal opportunities for all.  For true equality, there must be standards of moral conduct that are equally enforced as well; not selective enforcement predicated on social status.

My daddy was brilliant, holding a Ph.D. in both mathematics and electrical engineering.  One of the most important things he taught me over the course of many hours of tutoring, is to “Go back to the definition.”

What is our definition of “right”, or “starting point”?  I find it laughable when uninformed folks talk about “keeping religion out of politics”.   Politics is an offshoot and consequence of government, with our government based on Judeo-Christian Mosaic Law.  If our foundation of Judeo-Christian Law becomes eroded and weakened, our government will collapse; we were warned as much by the founding fathers.

My point in this is to say that at Reactionary Times, we look to respect and uphold the “definition” by which our country was founded on, not “right or left”, but that of “right and wrong”.

On the broad path, a person can easily be held aloft by the herd, much like “crowd surfing” at a concert. We choose the “narrow path”, the one that is far more difficult.   The path we choose is strewn with threats, danger, ridicule, hate and more, but we focus on the destination, not the trip and our love of God and our country. ~ the Kitchen Table Patriot

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