A Year Ago, I Renounced The #NeverTrump Movement


Contrary to popular belief among the #NeverTrump haters who would go on to bash me, I didn’t jump on the Trump Train the day after the Indiana Primary. I recovered after working on the Cruz Campaign for two and a half months and thought about the future of America. I came to the realization that Trump was a good enough candidate and truly equipped to fix our economic and foreign policy issues. By the way, on this day a year ago the news was that Senator Mike Lee had the 28 votes in the rules committee to make things interesting on the convention floor. This social media status is from the day before the convention started. I also decided it would be unfair to disenfranchise the 6 million more people who voted for Trump over Cruz. Haters would try to bash me as an opportunist that was jumping on the “next best thing” but the truth was that my support for Trump was well thought out and internally debated for months from early May to Mid July.

After days of verbal abuse which I laughed off as immature and irrational, I settled into focusing my activism on trying to help #MakeAmericaGreatAgain.

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