The SnowFlake Stanzas: The Continuing Legacy of Liberal Lunacy

This Poem was written by Robert Arco:

The tears have fallen since election day
The poor little snowflakes didn’t have their way
They cried they wept they stomped they screamed
They woke up that morning and thought “a bad dream”
But true enough our man was elected
the banner for freedom unfurled and erected
Its one we know well and been around for years
It has been paid for with blood, sacrifice and tears
Old glory was hung to the snowflakes dismay
Their protests and burnings couldn’t keep it away
and a new sense of pride was instilled in the masses
Our liberty and hope raised from the ashes
For the evil empire had been stopped in its tracks
and a vow made by millions “we will never go back”
For the slavery to government has come to an end
We’ll never take orders from the globalist UN
And though they have tried to diminish our leader
we find day after day that they were the cheaters
caught with their hands in the till and the jar
their lies are far greater than the number of stars
So rejoice my brethren be happy and glad
Let the whiners and losers spend their days sad
For we love America the land of the free
Let our praise for Pres. Trump ring from Sea to Sea


What do you hate most about “Snowflakes?” Share your opinion in the comments section below.


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